You will all have seen on the website and our social media accounts that Rugby Against Cancer will be undertaking a sponsored overnight walk from Guys Hospital in London to Portsmouth RFC over the weekend of 29th/30 May and that PRFC will be hosting the walkers arrival back at Rugby Camp.

We intend to make this the first event where all club members can come along with their families and welcome the walkers while enjoying a burger and a beer too! This is not a seniors or juniors club event; it's a whole club event where we would like to see the men, the Valkyries, the Juniors and the Colts come together for the first time since the pandemic took a grip on us all! We are hoping that the local media , including TV, will be covering the event!

We are expecting up to 250 walkers, families etc and we would like as many of you, the membership to come along too! Remember, the following day is a Bank Holiday so there's no getting up for work!

We do need volunteers to help with marshalling and even for those with experience, an hour from anyone who has any bar experience. We intend to open two bars on the day. The club will open from 3pm, the walkers are due back around 5 or 6pm and the bar will close at 9pm.

So do please come along and for the first time this year, support your club!


Jon Whitehouse

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