Thu 26 Mar 2020 18:11


Along with everyone else we are living in unprecedented times. We hope you are all well and coping with your social isolation. If the club can help in any way, please ask

We have no rugby till next season and no social function till at least July.

Where does that leave us?

The season just gone has been successful by most criteria. Our Valkyries are flying high and maintained themselves mid table in the second tier nationally. They now field a second team regularly. Our senior men’s numbers have grown and we have been able to put out four teams some weeks. The 3s fulfilled nearly 20 fixtures and the 2s are comfortably in the top half of their league. After the previous year winning the London and SE cup and finishing 3rd, being only 5th may seem a disappointment for our men’s first team, but we have regularly played a young team with the previous year’s colts featuring strongly. Our junior club has also grown in numbers such that we have had to ask the Council for extra playing space on Sunday mornings. 

The big worry is financial but it will only become a problem if rugby cannot start next year. It costs the club between 3 and 4 thousand pounds (average 3 K) each month just to pay the bills. With our current situation we can support this outgoing  until sometime in the autumn, so please hang in there and we will come through it all.

 The junior club is also in financial balance and will be solvent till the start of next season. They make a routine contribution to the running costs of the club house and have some reserves so could further support the senior club if it becomes necessary.

Please keep paying your membership by direct debit but if you are experiencing hardship contact any of the committee for us to make special arrangements 

Whatever about the money, please all stay safe and well! 

Ed Neville,  Chairman PRFC

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