As always I hope you, your loved ones and families are all safe and well in these challenging times and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year


With the announcement by the RFU and Hampshire RFU at the beginning of December that a return to play will be allowed from the 18th December, subject to adapted laws, I thought we could do with another update.


Training has recommenced for all senior and junior sides.


We have appointed Matt Mitchell in the new role of COVID officer for the senior club and Ian “Scooby” Drew for the junior club and I’m sure you will join me in helping them in anyway with this essential task


The Juniors finish training for 2020 on the 13th December and recommence after the break on January 3rd.

The Women’s sides will break for Christmas on the 15th December. The 1st XV are in a competitive cluster league with Trojans, Newbury & Guildford and the development squad are part of the 'inner warrior series' and a localised set of friendlies will be arranged with assistance of the RFU development officer. The first game of the season will be on January 17th with a fixture at home to Southampton.

The Senior Men have an internal training game on the 19th December. They have confirmed fixtures for the 1st and 2nd’s away to Pulborough on the 9th January and a provisional for the 3rd’s at home to Petersfield. More fixtures will be coming and Gareth, Bungle and the team have entered the 1st  ,2nd & 3rd teams into local league competitions  that start on January 23rd. We will be getting details of the format on the 20th December and the coaching teams will pass this on the players.


There will be an over 30 against under 30 intra club fixture on the 27th December in aid of Rugby Against Cancer. Whilst it is unlikely that the club will be able to open I hope as many of you as can will support this event whilst maintaining a safe COVID distance


As alluded to above, whilst we remain in tier two and until a change in the COVID restrictions is announced, the club will have to remain closed. The changing rooms will be open but with very limited access and strict control of numbers allowed in at any one time. The use of changing room rules have been published on Facebook and are reproduced at the end of this message. As soon as we can the club will re-open and welcome you all back for a much needed beer or two whether or not you need to buy a scotch egg.


Finally I repeat that the core of Portsmouth Rugby Football Club has always been community and family, and as we go through the next few difficult months this must be even more so. We are all handling the current restriction and challenges in our own way, but no one must feel isolated. If you or you know anyone who needs support, please make myself or the committee aware. Whether its support to take that first step back to training, walk through in to the club for a beer when we re-open or just a chat, PRFC will be there.






As we move ever closer to the long awaited return to playing rugby we have, as you can imagine, any number of steps and measures that we have to put in place as a club, to keep everyone safe and comply with rules and regulations.


Below is a update so far -


As part of this process we have, this weekend Covid Secure measured and marked up all of the changing rooms and the numbers per room are as follows -

1 max occupancy 8

2&3 max occupancy 7

6 max occupancy 8

7 max occupancy 10

10 - (ladies) max 8

11 - (ladies) max 7

Official max 3



In all changing rooms the max occupancy at anyone time in showers is 3.


The wearing of face covering indoors, as it is everywhere, is mandatory (unless you are in the shower once available)


We will all need to keep the time inside to an absolute minimum please.


The club is sorting cleaning materials and towels etc. For each room and they are also investigating how to have them cleaned after.each use to comply with guidance and safety measures.


We would anticipate this to be sorted by others by Tuesday. The hot water and heating have been sorted so showers work if or when they are needed.


As you can see from the numbers above we will have limited space inside and the coaching team are working with others to establish the safe system to allocate approved spaces going forward.


So if possible I would suggest turning up ready but please let one of us know if you will need inside space so we can properly prepare.


We will confirm all of the final details as soon as possible.


Hopefully this all makes but happy to discuss if helpful and just in case I don't see you please keep safe, healthy and enjoy your Christmas as much as you can

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