2021 Brief update


To All,

Hope you are you doing well staying safe and chatting to each other.

January is normally a busy stage of the season but this pandemic has put a stop to that. But things are still happening behind the scenes and with January drawing to a close we have some good news for a change, we have asked Gareth Richards to stay on as head coach and I’m glad to inform you he has accepted the appointment. I think we have all seen the numbers increase for training due to Gareth and his coaching team making it exciting, competitive and enjoyable again. Big thanks to Gareth and coaching team for all your effort from your PRFC family. Gareth has also spoken with his coaching team Matt, Phil and Dan all have all agreed to stay on aswell.

In addition Dave Ladd and Colin Richardson will assist when required. All senior men’s team managers have agreed to another season and Ricky plus his team will still be looking after all our physio needs.


Head coach-

Gareth Richards

Coaching team-

Matt Davis

Dan Roberts

Phil white

First team manager-

Ian Alvery

Second team managers- Bungle and Mike Caspall

Third team manager-

Dan street

Physio- Ricky and team


As for the ladies I have spoken to Mark and Fred and they have confirmed the lady set up will stay the same for next season big thanks to them all.


Head coach- Mark Witcher

Coaching team-

Al Dyer

Rhys Evans

Steve brooks

Team manager-

Joe flexman


All we need now is to play rugby again soon. Finally let’s make February the month to change something to improve our fitness levels, keep safe see you all soon.


Bungle 💛🖤💛🖤



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