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Invitation to nominate Club Representatives for season 2021-22


Each Member Club is invited (it is not compulsory) to nominate a Club Member to sit as one of the two Representatives of the Member Clubs on the Management Board of the HRFU for Season 2021/2021.


The election of the two Representatives will take place at the AGM.


Nominations are to be made in writing signed by the nominee and by two officers of his or her Club (neither of whom is to be the nominee) and are to reach the County Office by Wednesday 3rd June 2021.  


Nominees are asked to provide a detailed rugby CV and a brief general CV.


The Club Representative role is to provide additional input to the Management Board from the viewpoint of the Clubs general.


Nominees are expected to attend all meetings of the Management Board (five a year), the Hampshire RFU AGM and run the Clubs Meetings in November and April. 


In addition one of the elected Representatives will be a member of the Game Development Committee, the other of the Club Development Committee, and will also be expected to attend these committee meetings.


If more than two nominations are received the two Representatives will be elected either by a show of hands or by a secret ballot as determined at the Annual General Meeting.


This years AGM is expected to be on 7th July and will most probably be a Virtual AGM. 


Please find attached the Club Representative Terms of Reference.


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Terms of Reference

 Terms of Reference 08 

Created January 2020 

Updated May 2020 


There will be two Club representatives for Hampshire one should sit on the Game Development Committee and the other on Club Development Committee. 

They will both be elected to the Board annually by the member clubs for one year at a time and eligible for 


0801 Primary Purpose 

The primary purpose of the Club Representative is to represent the views of the Clubs in forward planning. 

0802 Accountable to - 

The Club Representative will report to the Chairman of the Board. 

0803 Tasks 

3.1 To represent the views of the clubs particularly in the areas of club sustainability and participation. 

3.2 To be Joint Chairman of the Clubs' Meetings. 

3.3 To sit on the Hampshire RFU Management Board and attend Board meetings. 

3.4 To attend all Club Development or Game development meetings depending on what Committee they sit on. 

3.5 To assist the Committee Chairman according to what committee they sit on. 

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