Sun 13 Jun 2021 10:59

The Club has just learnt that Dennis Bramble died 2 weeks ago at the age of 89

His funeral is on the 21st June at the Oaks Crematorium in Havant at 1000 ( Covod regulations still apply)

John Smith ( Vets Captain ) wrote in the Centenary Book in 1986 :-

" It can now be revealed that Veterans Rugby began at Portsmouth on January 5th 1946, when George Cook , later to become the Hon Treasurer, joined the club.

At the time the side in which George played was not known as the Vets, but I was assured that all the characteristics of the Vets were evident in his play, although  our most famous asset of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, especialy against the weaker sides, was not fully developed until the late 70's.

Since 1946 the name of the side has changed, being known as the 1st Xv; the casuals, The Vandals, etc, finally taking the name, Vetrans in 1968

In 1948 Dennis Bramble, the smallest Veterans stalwart - or at least until Dave Powell joined - came to Portsmouth and played in the team with George Cook, and most of the time he was offside, no matter how often the laws were changed. "

Dennis played until the early 80's and then continued playing golf

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