I hope you and your families are fit and healthy at this most precarious time. My health hasn't been too good of late, which has prevented me from visiting the club as much as I would have liked to this season and it's best for me to rest up for now.


As we approach the end of another topsy-turvy year, I am delighted that we are back doing what we should be doing and that is playing rugby! It gives me immense pleasure to see the activity throughout the club returning this season as we host hundreds of children every Sunday in the Junior section, two women’s teams playing at such a high standard and three senior men’s teams playing most weeks and of course, a veterans team turning out whenever they can.


All sports have lost participants throughout the pandemic and some of these might never return but the energy and enthusiasm we have in our united club is a source of pride and is proof to me that we are bouncing back from our enforced period of in-action.


I would like to thank the volunteers, team managers and coaches for their efforts and motivation as well as all the players for keeping this distinguished club of ours on the rugby map.  To the players, I remind them, 'the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.'


I need to pay tribute to our sponsors for investing in us as a club and also Jamie Allen and Jimmy Martin for keeping us watered and fed to such a high standard.


We should also pause at this time to remember those former players and club stalwarts lost to us over the last twelve months. Many of you knew and played with Steve Todd as well as Roger Nichols and older members will remember Dr Barry Russell, Dennis Bramble and Stuart Juniper with great affection and gratitude for the contributions they made to our rugby family, on and off the pitch.


So, to conclude, I am extremely confident that this great club of ours has responded admirably to the lows and vagaries of the last twelve months and is coming out the other side better for it. It is with this thought that I wish you and yours all that you wish for yourselves and that you enjoy a well-earned, quiet and peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year!


Yours in rugby 


Peter Golding

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