To Members, Young & Old

Following on from the updated government guidelines, the following is the updated procedure when attending the rugby club.

These guidelines must be adhered to otherwise fines may be incurred and a possible closure of the club.

YOU MUST wear a face mask when entering and remaining in the club. Once seated, your mask may be removed. THIS IS A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT.

Failure to do so could result in a £200 individual fine and put the club at risk of a £10,000 fine and closure.

This does not apply to players who are just using the changing rooms prior to training as it would be somewhat inconvenient to keep putting on and taking off masks. However, otherwise, rules are rules and have to be obeyed in order to keep you all safe!

QR code posters are now at the club entry point as this is now a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT so that all of you that have downloaded the NHS Covid-19 app can scan this when entering the building.

The visitor sign-in book is still available (at the top of the stairs) and must be completed by those who haven't downloaded the app to their phones or if you don't have a phone.

The main change will be the requirement of table service. On arrival, please make your way to your chosen table and wait for a member of staff to come over and take your order. Please be patient with the staff as this is the new way for them as it is for you! The staff will ensure seated members are serviced (?) at regular intervals.

The table service will only apply to alcoholic and soft drinks served.

Social distancing must be maintained while the staff are taking orders and bringing drinks to your table.


In summary:

Face masks are to be worn throughout the clubhouse until seated in the bar. Drinks will be by table service only - please do not walk up to the bar.

REMEMBER THE RULE OF SIX (especially Snow White and her little friends and Yul Brynner and his Magnificent mates!)

Check in using the QR code or sign the sign-in book..

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Stay safe and warm regards

Jamie Allen
Bar Steward & All-Round Good Egg
Mob: 07786 446 604